Purina Farm to Flock Protien Hen Treats

Purina Farm to Flock Protein Hen Treats

Farm to Flock 2 lb High Protein Hen Treats offer essential nutrients your birds need so you can go ahead and spoil them without any guilt. Your girls will get a well-balanced mix of grains, vitamins, and minerals in every delightful bite. This high-protein option helps give a nutritional boost, especially during molt when birds need additional protein.

FeaturesPurina Farm to Flock Treats

  • Complements complete layer feed with essential vitamins, minerals, and grains in every bite
  • The natural and nutritional recipe allows you to spoil your hens without spoiling their diet
  • Delicious taste: Wholesome combination of scrumptious ingredients
  • Fun, bite-sized shape: Easy for birds to eat and fun for flock raisers to feed
  • 20% Protein: High-protein treat provides an added nutritional boost to help keep birds strong
  • a great treat option especially during molt when birds need additional protein


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