Pond Management

Summer Garden park | Pond Management supplies available at OBFSAquaVet pond management Products are in stock at Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply Highway 27 location.

Whether you have a small decorative pond or a large body of water with a variety of fish we can find the product you need to keep your pond healthy and looking its best.

AquaVet is a complete line of pond management products featuring the latest technological advances in aquatic science.

Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply stocks the Aquavet products listed below:
  • Gal Blue Pond Dye
  • Gal Black Pond Dye
  • Gal Bio Clean
  • Gal Algae Control
  • Qt Algae Control
  • Qt Shoreline Weeds
  • Qt Submerged Weeds
  • 5lb Copper Sulfate
  • 15lb Copper Sulfate
  • Blue Dye Throw Packs
  • Bio-cleanThrow Packs
  • Black Dye Throw Packs



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