Organic Grower Crumbles

Organic Grower CrumblesOrganic Grower Crumbles is a Complete Feed for Growing Chickens

They Grow Up So Fast. That’s why it is important to provide your chickens with the proper feed at every stage of their lives. Nutrition is vital from the time of hatch until their first egg. As your chickens grow, their nutritional needs change. That is why we developed Manna Pro Organic Grower Crumbles.

Manna Pro® Organic Grower Crumbles is specifically formulated for that special time when a chicken is too old to be a chick and too young to be a layer. It supports healthy growth, muscle development and weight gain naturally, without pesticides, medications, or genetically engineered ingredients. Manna Pro® Organic Grower Crumbles is also USDA Certified Organic.

It’s the type of quality product you’d feed to your own growing family and the type of product you’d expect from Manna Pro.

  • USDA certified organic and NON-GMO
  • 17% crude protein to support muscle development and weight gain
  • Fortified to support natural healthy growth
  • Non-Medicated crumble form for easy consumption
  • This product is available in two sizes. The 10 lb easy-carry bag and a larger 30 lb bag for larger flocks.


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