Mazuri Kangaroo/Wallaby Diet

Mazuri® Kangaroo & Wallaby DietMazuri Kangaroo/Wallaby Diet is specifically designed for kangaroos and wallabies of all ages containing high levels of vitamin E and selenium help to prevent white muscle disease. This kangaroo and wallaby food promotes growth and reproduction.

This feed comes in an extruded particle:  3/8″ diameter x 3/16″ length.

SKU: 0001500

Formula Number: 5Z88

Product Weight: 40 lb

Features & Benefits of Mazuri Kangaroo/Wallaby Diet:

  • Formulated for Kangaroos and Wallabies – Meets nutritional requirements.
  • High levels of vitamin E and selenium – Helps prevent white muscle disease.
  • Nutritionally balances available pasture and hay – Promotes growth and reproduction.
  • Particle form – Easy to feed, minimizes waste.

Stop in to any of Ocala Breeders’ Feed & Supply Florida locations for your supply of Mazuri Kangaroo/Wallaby Diet and other exotic feed. Learn more about this feed on Mazuri’s website here.


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