Cavalor Pianissimo

CAVALOR PIANISSIMOCavalor Pianissimo textured feed for competition horses prone to excitability and nervousness

Cavalor Pianissimo is a calming feed specially formulated for hot horses and horses prone to stress while containing the nutrients needed for a well-balanced and complete sport horse feed. This feed is suitable for horses on stall rest. Horses on stall rest are usually given less feed and more roughage to reduce the level of energy ingested due to the lack of exercise during this period. This feeding alteration can result in a nutritional imbalance (nutritional deficiency).

Cavalor Pianissimo is low in protein content making it suitable for feeding in addition to protein-rich roughage (such as alfalfa or spring grass) while avoiding an excess of protein. The low protein content in Pianissimo makes it ideal for horses slowing down training after a competition season, horses temporarily at rest (recovery) or horses sensitive to high levels of protein.

The low levels of protein also make this feed suitable for active competition horses that are hot or prone to stress. Cavalor Pianissimo includes CALMIX to promote calming and stress-relief to help the horse relax and become more focused in their day to day work.

With a blend of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and proteins that have been long observed to have a settling effect on more high strung horses, CALMIX allows the horse to perform at the highest levels in a more controlled manner without reducing expression or ability. Cavalor Pianissimo is also enriched with OMEGA 3 PLUS to support general fitness and well-being, and FLORASTIMUL to promote healthy digestion.


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