Tenda Equine Products

Tenda Equine Products have been serving the performance horse industry for over 45 years with a goal of developing and manufacturing safe and effective products. Above all to promote and improve the overall health, soundness, performance, and overall well-being of equine athletes. All disciplines and breeds can benefit from the use of Tenda products.

Tenda recognizes that there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a quality product.  Moreover, they pride themselves on producing only the very best pH Balanced formulations that are Biodegradable, DEA Free, and Paraben Free. Their unique combination of using high-quality resources and ingredients is not only an ideal choice for the overall health and beauty of an animal but also a smart choice for the environment!

Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply are proud retailers of Tenda Equine Nutritional Supplements, Hoof Care, Wound Care, and Grooming Products
  • 16oz Tenda Ichthammol Salve 20%
  • 16oz Tenda Heal SalveTenda Hore Products
  • Tenda Heel Spray
  • Holistic Hoof oil
  • 60 CC Tenda BNM Paste Syringe
  • 60CC Tenda Down the Stretch
  • 80CC Tenda All-in-One Paste
  • 60CC Down-the-Stretch
  • Original Poultice
  • Medicated Poultice
  • Giddy-Up Shampoo
  • TendaPod Shampoo Pods
  • Tenda Sheen
Tenda Nutritional Supplements

Their all-natural equine nutritional supplements and performance formulas offer the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to help your horse perform at its best.

Tenda Hoof Care

A sound horse starts with a sound hoof! Strengthen brittle hooves and ward off damaging cracks with our selection of high-quality hoof care products.  Such as hoof oils, salves, and pine tar for all classes of horses.

Tenda Wound Care

Tenda Heal’s state-of-the-art wound treatment contains hemostatic, antimicrobial, antifungal borate-based bioactive glass. Moreover, it biologically stimulates the body’s natural healing process. Available in three formulas—fiber, spray, and cream—to advance healing of wounds of varying degrees.

Tenda Grooming Products

Perfect for packing hooves and drawing the heat out of sore and tired legs. Their all-natural clay horse poultice products are used as both preventatives and restorative treatments. Furthermore, their products are made with mineral fortified kaolinitic clay, our line of soothing and cooling equine clay poultice is a staple to every stable!

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