Signs of Good Quality Horse Hay

There is hay available in many places, however, it is important to know the signs of Good Quality Horse Hay.

Forage makes up over 50 percent of a horse’s diet, Good quality hay can help keep a horse healthy while poor quality can be detrimental.

When selecting hay there are several things you can look for that are signs of good quality.

  • Stems small in diameter. If it feels like you’re a handful of sticks, it is not a good choice.  Soft and pliable when you give a squeeze is a good sign.
  • Fresh smell and appearance. Avoid musty, moldy, or hay with an “off” smell.
  • Hay color. Good quality hay will have a bright green color with little fading.  Usually, if the hay is bleached, brown, or has discoloration the older the hay is and the longer it has been stored.
  • Cleanliness. When looking at the hay it should not have excess weeds or other foreign material in it.  The hay should be made up of the primary harvested forage.
  • Few blooms and seed heads. Whichever species of hay your choose, no seed heads or blooms indicate the younger, earlier maturing late, therefore higher quality hay.

Ocala Breeder’s Feed and Supply strives to carry only top quality hay.

What types of hay are available at OBFS?

The following hay is available at Ocala Breeder’s Feed and Supply:

  • Alfalfa 3 Tie
  • Alfalfa 2 Tie
  • Timothy 3 Tie
  • 2nd Cut Timothy (Airport Location Only)
  • Orchard/Alfalfa 3 Tie
  • Orchard/Grass 3 Tie (Airport Location Only)
  • Coastal

If you prefer to feed hay cubes, we also have a great selection of quality cubes. Alfalfa and timothy alfalfa cubes are available in regular and mini sizes.

Howard Crowell the manager at our Airport Road location is responsible for ordering all our hay.  He brings over years of knowledge and contacts with top quality hay producers.  If you have any questions about our hay feel free to contact him, he will be happy to help you!

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