Purina Layena Free Range Layer Feed

Feed your chickens Purina Layena Free Range Layer Feed anytime.

Purina Layena Free RangeChickens love free-ranging and eat nutritious insects when roaming the backyard. But free-ranging is not always possible. Purina
Layena Range Layer Feed is made with grains and insect protein so hens can enjoy a sustainable, free-range diet no matter the weather or where they live.

Sustainable Protein Source

Insect protein requires less land per pound of protein than other protein sources.

Mimics a free-range diet

Contains insect protein and grains.

Complete nutrition

Includes all 38 unique nutrients hens need to lay strong and stay strong – no need to supplement. In addition, it is available in two convenient sizes, 40 and 10-pound.

Supports strong hens and strong shells

Includes our exclusive Oyster Strong® System to support strong bones and strong-shelled eggs.

Next level ingredients

Targeted amino acids, antioxidants essential minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, and marigold extract support digestive health, bird immunity, feather coloring, and egg yolk vibrancy.

Feed Purina Layena Free Range Layer is in the form of a mini pellet. Feed free-choice as the sole ration to laying chickens after 18 weeks of age and throughout the laying cycle. It is not necessary to provide additional grain or a free-choice calcium source. Also, Layer feeds should not be fed to male birds of any age or to birds less than 18 weeks old. Provide fresh clean water at all times.

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