Pensacola Bahia Seed

Pensacola Bahia Seed is used for both lawns and pastures in Florida.

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Pensacola Bahiagrass was discovered in the coastal Gulf of the Florida panhandle and has since grown into one of the major grasses.  It grows well in Florida’s sandy soils. Additionally, it is low maintenance and does well with limited water and fertilizer.   This grass is full sun, high heat, drought-resistant, easily seeded establisher. It can grow in shadier conditions than most warm-season grasses. Pensacola Bahia forms a dense, thick sod.


Bahiagrass forms an extensive, deep root system. It sustains better than other grasses in infertile, sandy soils and does not require high inputs of water or fertilizer. Thus, this makes it a good choice for home sites on large lots or acreage or for anywhere that there is no irrigation system. Bahiagrass will go into a drought-induced dormancy and turn brown until conditions become favorable for regrowth.

spreadin seedBahiagrass can be found throughout the state but prefers acidic soils. It does not form excessive thatch.  If left unmowed, bahiagrass can reseed itself from the seed heads that it produces, especially during the long days of summer. It has relatively few diseases and insect problems.  Usually, mole cricket and armyworms being the only pest problems. The fertility rate for Pensacola is lower than many other forage kinds of grass and it can withstand heavy herd trampling and recover from overgrazing rather quickly.


The normal germination period for Pensacola Bahia is considered to be 28 days. During hotter summer months such as July/August when rainfall is also plentiful, Pensacola Bahia seed can germinate in as quickly as 10-14 days. Higher soil temps coupled with moist conditions will also cause more of the seed to germinate.

Planting Rate

New Lawns-2 to 5 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.; Pastures-25 to 100 lbs. per acre; overseeding an existing pasture depends on the amount of established or existing grass in the pasture area. Common applications for overseeding are 25-50 lbs. per acre.

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Sources:  BWI  and University Of Florida


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