OBS Professional 60 Day Horse Challenge

OBS Professional 60 Day Horse Challenge Take advantage of the OBS Professional 60 day Horse Challenge going on through June 2018 and get a FREE bag of horse feed! Give OBS Professional Horse Feed a try and see the difference it makes over the next 60 days. Take a Before picture and an after picture 60 days later of your horse and send it to us. We’ll give you a free bag of OBS Professional horse feed after we receive the 60 day photo.

Any horse feeding OBS Professional Feed is eligible to participate. Terms of participation include submitting a “before” picture to OBS, and a follow up “After” picture 60 days later. Any pictures submitted will be used for promotional and/or advertising purposes. By participating in this program you are granting us permission to use the horse photos.

Call 352-572-4139 for more information or to have us take photos for you. You can email photos to [email protected], please title the email OBS Professional 60 Day Horse Challenge Photo.

This promotion runs through June 30, 2018.



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