Ingredients with integrity.
From eggs and salmon to pumpkin and parsley, The Honest Kitchen uses wholesome foods you recognize and can pronounce and they are the only ingredients they use. And what they leave out is as important as what we put in.

Sources we trust.
To meet their 100% human-grade standard, their suppliers must provide proof of food origins, screening, handling, cleaning, and more.  As a company, they believe in  only sourcing from folks they know and trust, including a few they started with back in 2002.

Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply offers the following the honest kitchen Dog Food in our stores:

  • Beef Clusters
  • Chicken Clusters
  • Turkey Clusters

Ocala Breeders’ Feed & Supply carries a large section of canned and dry foods. If it’s not stocked just ask. We do Special Orders!


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