Ultrashield Fly Spray Promotion.

Ultrashield Fly Spray promotionEnd Fly Frustration with Ultrashield Fly Spray Promotion

Nothing ruins a ride or your horse’s downtime faster than annoying and potentially dangerous insects. UltraShield® fly spray gives you proven protection that’s powerful ammunition in the battle against fly frustration. Moreover, with multiple fly control options, you can adjust your protection depending on weather, insect intensity, and your horse’s activity level.

Absorbine Ultrashield Fly Spray Promotion on Sale, 20% off, at Ocala Breeder’s Feed & Supply April 1st-11th

20% off of these Ultrashield Products:



EX Fly Spray: Our most advanced fly spray for horses.  As the most advanced formula Absorbine® offers, UltraShield® EX fly spray delivers proven fly control. Furthermore,  horse owners can depend on for the comfort and protection of your horses. When you need to eliminate fly frustrations, reach for The Fly Spray in the Black Bottle



Sport Fly Spray:  Sweat-resistant fly spray for humid weather. When you want to protect your horse in hot or humid conditions, UltraShield® Sport sweat-resistant fly spray works as hard as you and your equine partner.




Green Fly Spray: A unique natural fly spray for horses.  This natural fly spray features an eco-safe formula that’s safe for the entire family and the environment. Backed by the power of geraniol and six fly-fighting natural oils, you can use UltraShield® Green natural fly spray for horses on ponies, foals, and dog



Red Fly Spray: An equine fly spray that kills and repels with five active ingredients.  Featuring a unique combination of five active ingredients, UltraShield® Red equine fly spray shields your horse from the torment of bugs. This multi-active formula with five proven ingredients offers broad-spectrum control for killing nuisance and biting flies, mosquitoes, and ticks



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