TRM Equine Products

TRM Equine Products maximize the horse’s athletic performance by targeting their specific nutritional and hygenic needs. Without a doubt, they are Europes largest manufacture of Nutritional Feed Supplements and general healthcare products for horses. Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply is a proud retailer of TRM products.

Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply continually strives to provide our equine athletes with only top of the line performance products, supplements, and healthcare products.

TRM Products

Everyday gold

 A concentrated Isotonic feed supplement designed for everyday use in performance horses. Additionally, each 25g (0.88 oz) serving has been formulated to replace the body salts lost in 1/2 US Gallon of equine sweat.

We carry both the 11lb and the 22lb tub.



For Optimum Skeletal Development and Conformation

The foundations for a horses’ future success can be laid down before it is even born. Ensuring the broodmare has the correct balance of macro-minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids to pass on to her newborn, CALPHORMIN will give the young horse the best start it can get. Continuing to feed the young, rapidly growing horse CALPHORMIN will optimize its growth and bone development, in a correct and balanced way.

We carry both the 6.6lb and the 22lb tub.



Grohoof Concentrated Pellets

Grohoof Pellets by TRM Ireland is a complementary feed for horses hooves which provides the nutrients required to optimize New Hoof Care Productsgrowth and improve the integrity of the hoof. Also, these pellets contain all the supplemental nutrients required to develop and maintain a healthy and supple hoof.  Grohoof Concentrated Pellets this product should be feed to broodmares and young horses to optimize growth and bone development. Moreover, its pelleted presentation is ideal for picky eaters and is convenient for feeding in big yards with just a single scoop daily serving.



TRM Gastrofos

Gut Nutrition Formula

GASTROFOS is a source of Minerals, Prebiotic, Amino Acid, and Seaweed Meal for Horses. So then, Gastrofos should be added to the normal feed ration.

Available in a 6.6lb tub.


Equizal Barrier Cream 

TRM Equizal


The natural protective barrier which soothes and moisturizes. Enriched with Beeswax, Tea Tree Oil, Zinc Oxide, and Lanolin.  Therefore routine use, apply liberally to affected areas twice daily.



Gamma 1150 Forte

TRM Gamma 1150 ForteA Natural Body Builder

A vegetable fat product derived from rice bran. It contains naturally occurring antioxidants such as Gamma Oryzanol, Tocotrienols, and Tocopherols. Moreover , It is a high energy food, suitable for feeding to all horses.



Iron & B Vitamin TonicIronxcell

A premium Iron-Enriched B-Vitamin feed supplement for horses.  Add IronXcell to the normal feed ration. Available in 1 Gallon.



Stop by either Ocala Breeders’ Feed & Supply to learn more about the performance equine products, feed, and supplements that we carry.

Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply strives to provide a knowledgeable, friendly staff that knows customers by name! Although we have grown over the years, a steadfast commitment to customer service remains. Specifically, product lines that meet the needs of our clientele make OBFS your one-stop shop for your farm and pet needs.

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