Springtime Checklist for Chickens

Springtime can be a very busy time of year as we rush to plant gardens, care for newborn animals and enjoy the outdoors.  But, spring is also an important time for every chicken keeper. Above all, it’s also a time to just enjoy being outside with your chickens!

From chick starter feeds and the items, you need to keep chicks healthy and thriving to laying feeds and coop supplies for your happy flock Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply strives to be your resource for poultry feeds and products.

Here are 5 chicken care tips that will help to keep your flock in tip-top shape during the spring season!

 Time to Tidy up your Chicken Coop

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house! Spring is a wonderful time to air out the chicken coop and give it a good cleaning! Don’t forget to also scrub out water and food dishes! Since springtime can be a damp time, check for any areas that may be drafty or where moisture could build up. Furthermore, keep an eye out for any mold growth where moisture has built up.

Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply carry all the supplies you need to help tidy up your chicken coop.

Coop Supplies
  • Brooder lamps
  • Heat bulbs
  • Water protectors
  • Egg wipes
  • Refreshers
  • Diatomaceous Earth
Beware of Predators

Spring can be a particularly active time for many predators as they enter the mating season and search for fresh food. Make sure your flock is as safe as possible by checking their coop and run. If your flock is free-ranging, keep an extra close eye out for any signs of predators during the spring. It’s also important to make sure that your flock is protected at night.

Springtime Health Checks

Springtime is the perfect time to perform health checks on your chickens. It’s easy for mites and parasites to go unnoticed.  Check at the base of their feathers (especially near the vent area) for feather mites and red mites. Check your chicken’s legs and feet for any signs of leg mites. Furthermore, and most importantly don’t forget to check droppings for signs of internal parasites.  Providing fresh, dry dirt baths will also help your flock fight off those pesky mites!

Poultry Care
  • Deworming pellets
  • Vetericyn
  • Wound Spray
  • Supplements
  • Poultry protectors
Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs

Spring is the time when chickens start laying eggs, eggs, and more eggs!  Above all with eggs,  It’s also important to watch for any egg abnormalities that may show up. Egg abnormalities can be a signal of issues or deficiencies in their nutrition.

Spring is a great time to start incorporating a higher protein diet for your chickens to support egg-laying and increased physical activity. If your flock free ranges, they will no doubt find all sorts of delicious bugs and worms to snack on. Or, you can supplement your flock with some mealworms, cooked eggs, fish, or other meat sources.

Feedershens drinking
  • Plastic screw-on jars
  • Plastic feeder bases
  • Feeder Jugs
  • Poultry waterers
  • Poultry feeders
  • Large flock drinkers


Ocala Breeders’ Feed & Supply proudly stocks high-quality poultry feed & supplies. Whether you have one chicken as a pet or a coop full of egg-producing hens, we have all the poultry feeds and products needed.

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