September Hurricane Specials

Are you and your animals ready for Hurricane season?

Items that you need to be prepared for the storms are on sale this month at Ocala Breeder’s Feed and Supply.  Gas cans, tarps, bungees, batteries and duct tape to name a few are all 15% OFF.

If waters rise you will need to make sure you have a pair of muck boots ready.   You can save 15% on muck boots this month!


Wound care for horses, pets and livestock is all 15% off along with all bandaging products.  We stock a large variety of wound care and bandaging products for you animal’s first aid kits, so let us help you be prepared should a storm bring an unfortunate injury to your four legged family member.

Fly sheets and fly mask are 15% OFF, these help from flying debris scratching up your horse or causing a eye injury.

Ready to evacuate?  We have our travel pet carriers, bowls, water bottles and disposable litter bags all 15% OFF this month.  If anxiety is if a problem for your cat, dog or horse, OBFS has a solution.  We stock calming collars for dogs and cats along with calming chew treats.   There are liquid drops that have proven effective for many nervous 4 legged friends.  Quietex is also available for horses in paste and powder form.

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