Purina Ultium and Strategy Sale

Ocala Breeders Feed and Supply is having a Purina Ultium and Strategy Sale.  All feeds in these two lines will be $1.50 off per bag from October 15-30, 2020.Strategy Healthy EdgePurina® Strategy® Professional Formula GX Horse Feed

What Feeds Are On Sale?

Strategy and Strategy Healthy Edge are on sale. Also, the recently repackaged and relaunched Ultium line. This includes the Ultium Competition, Ultium Gastric Care, and Ultium Growth. You save $1.50 per bag; this offer is for pick up orders only and does not apply to deliveries.

Ultium Relaunch

New packaging for all three formulas came out this month. In addition, Purina made some changes to the formulas.  Certainly, these changes made these great feeds even better. Outlast® Gastric Support is now included in the full line. Of course, the same advanced nutrition for optimal performance and development of current and future equine athletes.

Ultium® Competition: Our highest-fat, highest-calorie feed, now with Outlast® gastric support. For fueling performance in horses with the greatest calorie needs and hard keepers.

Ultium® Gastric Care: High-calorie performance feed with a primary emphasis on supporting the digestive and immune systems of horses affected by stress. This formula has always contained Outlast® gastric support and can be thought of as the next step for a young performance horse stepping up from Ultium® Growth.

Ultium® Growth: Our most calorie-dense growth feed, now with Outlast® gastric support. For supporting mares during gestation and lactation and for proper growth and development of future equine athletes.

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We look forward to you joining us for the Purina Ultium and Strategy Sale. You save $1.50 per bag on pick up orders. This offer is not valid with deliveries. The sale has a one ton per product limit.


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