Manna Pro Safe Performance Senior

Safe Performance Senior
Controlled Starch Pelleted Feed for Older Horses

If your horse is prone to metabolic disorders related to high starch intake, Manna Pro Safe Performance is a simple way to ease your feeding concerns.

Manna Pro Safe Performance Performance is recommended by recommended by veterinarians, so you can feed it with confidence and know that your horse will get the calories he needs without high starch grains or molasses, for a ration that is highly digestible, high in fat, and provides safe, concentrated energy.

Safe Performance Senior is Enriched with Beet Pulp, a Great Source of Digestible Fiber

-No Corn — No Molasses
-Fortified with Chelated Minerals
-Added Probiotics
-Formulated with Max-E-Glo® Stabilized Rice Bran — Provides additional plant-based fat and fiber content to help maintain body condition
-Controlled Starch, the Safe Way

Take even more control of your horse’s nutrition with two new Safe Performance feeds: Safe Performance Special Diet* and Safe Performance Senior*. Now you have additional options specifically developed without high starch grains and sugar levels to create a feeding option for every horse in your barn.


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