Purina WellSolve W/C Horse Feed

Purina WellSolve W/C Horse FeedPurina WellSolve W/C Horse Feed manages caloric intake while satisfying the horse.

WellSolve W/C Horse Feed provides weight control options for your equine. If it were as simple as reducing calories, then cutting back on what you normally feed would solve your horse’s weight problem, right?

But as everyone knows, it’s not quite that simple. For instance, what happens when a hungry horse wolfs down his meager portion only to watch his stable mates continue to eat? And if you cut back on grazing time, how can you be sure your horse is still getting the right vitamins, minerals, and needed fiber? That’s where Purina WellSolve W/C Horse Feed can help.




Features & Benefits of Purina® WellSolve W/C® Horse Feed

Added Antioxidants Help support a strong immune system Concentrate Feed Designed to be fed with hay or pasture Ideal Level of Digestible Energy Helps manage caloric intake and weight control while maintaining a healthy body condition Less than 1,000 Calories/lb Allows the horse to enjoy a larger meal without excess calories Low-Calorie Full-Scoop Formula A unique extruded feed form that is easy to feed, tastes great and helps satisfy the horse’s appetite No Added Fat With enough naturally occurring fatty acids for the fat-soluble vitamin absorption a horse needs No Molasses or Grains With a high-quality formula for optimal nutritional nutrition Veterinarian Researched To help reduce body fat and body condition score Vitamin & Mineral Fortification Provides 100% of needs for the weight-prone horse that may be missing required nutrition due to restricted grazing Based on “Nutrient Requirements of Horses Sixth Revised Edition–2007” published by the National Research Council

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