Purina Game Fish Chow

Purina Game Fish ChowPurina Game Fish Chow is a complete and balanced 32%- protein, extruded, multi-particle size product designed to be fed to a wide variety of fish species and wide range of sizes of fish.

Game Fish Chow feed is rich in nutrients essential for optimal fish growth, reproduction and overall health. It works naturally with everyday food sources in your water to address poor nutrition, which is the most significant limiting factor in the size and health of forage fish.

Stop in to Ocala Breeders’ Feed & Supply location for your supply of Purina Game Fish Chow and any other outdoor needs. We carry a wide range of wildlife & aquatic feeds as well as outdoor sporting goods including knives, flashlights, coolers, and more. If you have questions about this or other wildlife products, contact us and a helpful member of our staff will find the right feed or supplies for you.


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