Oat & Mealworm Snack Blend

Oat & Mealworm Snack Blend

Oat & Mealworm Snack Blend is a Gourmet Poultry Treat

Oat & Mealworm Snack Blend are wholesome & delicious treats for your flick. They are the perfect snack for flocks who have limited access to finding their own insect snacks! They are also high in nutritious protein and fat making them an easy treat choice.

Manna Pro® understands the nutritional requirements of all classes of poultry. That is why they are dedicated to the success and health of your backyard flock.

All Manna Pro products including Cracked Corn with Purple Corn are made with the highest quality ingredients, and with great care throughout the manufacturing process, to ensure that your flock meets its full potential.


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