Manna Pro Select Series Pro Formula Rabbit Feed

Manna Pro Select Series Pro Formula Rabbit FeedManna Pro Select Rabbit Feed for Complete Nutrition

The Manna Pro Select Series™ family of rabbit feeds and supplements has earned its reputation by using only the finest quality ingredients. Their Pro Formula Rabbit Feed is no exception to the rule.

Over the years, Manna Pro has steadfastly refused to substitute lesser ingredients to lower costs, ensuring the quality and consistency our customers have come to expect in every bag.

Manna Pro’s Select Series rabbit feeds are designed to make it simple for you to choose the precise feed type and formula to meet your rabbit’s specific nutritional requirements.

Each Select Series formula is specifically designed for the different life-stages of rabbits.

  • Firm Durable Pellets to minimize waste
  • High in Fiber, for proper digestion and gut health
  • Contains no corn to help reduce risk of digestive disorders
  • Contains 16% protein


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