Land O Lakes Mare’s Match Foal Milk Replacer

Land O Lakes Mare's Match Foal Milk Replacer PailsLAND O LAKES® Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer provides the nutrition your foals need to get off to a strong start and reach their full potential. That’s why it is perfect for feeding orphan foals or foals born to mare’s with low milk supply. As a result, our milk replacer helps set foals up for long-term success.

LAND O LAKES Mare’s Match foal milk replacer is ideal for:

  • Feeding orphan foals
  • Foals born to mares with low milk supply
  • Helping foals born to mares who won’t allow them to nurse
  • Foals born from mares in poor health

Available in 8-lb and 25-lb bucket.

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  • Essential vitamins and minerals provides the nutritional requirements for foal growth
  • Protein and fat balance mimics the balance found in mare’s milk to support efficient foal growth
  • Proper balance of zinc and copper supports hoof health
  • Highly digestible formulation meets foals’ energy requirements
  • Product preservation system helps product stay fresh while feeding
  • Resealable pail maintains freshness during storage

Feeding Instructions

Bottle Feeding Foals Feed LAND O LAKES® Mare’s Match® foal milk replacer for the first eight weeks following the suggested foal feeding schedule*:
  • 2-7 days of age: 4 feedings per day, 4-8 quarts total
  • 8-14 days: 4 feedings per day, 6-12 quarts total
  • 15-28 days: 3 feedings per day, 8-15 quarts total
  • 29-35 days: 3 feedings per day, 6-12 quarts total
  • 36 days-weaning: 2 feedings per day, 4-8 quarts total
*Amounts should be adjusted based on breed and desired growth rates
Best Results
Water temperature for mixing foal milk replacer should be 110-120 degrees F. When foal milk replacer is delivered to the foal it should be 105 degrees F. Always weigh foal milk replacer powder and measure water for accurate mixing. Provide free-choice, fresh, clean water along with a high-quality creep feed or LAND O LAKES® Mare’s Match® foal transition pellets to help ease the stress of weaning.

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