KER Duraplex

KER DuraPlex is a proprietary blend of specific proteins, minerals, and vitamins scientifically proven to increase bone mineral density and bone area in both performance and growing horses. Supports bone growth in horses involved in all disciplines:KER Durplex

  • Why Should I use KER’s DuraPlex?

    • Provides the proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for strong bone development
    • Supports bone quality of young horses entering training during high-risk transitional and early stages of training
    • Special protein source stimulates bone collagen production while suppressing bone destruction, resulting in an increase in bone density and area
    • Prevents bone loss in situations in which bone naturally demineralizes, such as when limited or no turnout is available including stall rest due to injury
    • Provides specialized postsurgical nutritional support

KER DuraPlex helps to maintain healthy bone metabolism, tissue, and structure in performance horses.

OBFS is a proud retailer of KER products.


Guaranteed Analysis

Guaranteed analysis Per 120 g
Calcium 10,000mg
Phosphorus 5,000mg
Magnesium 2,000mg
Copper 60mg
Zinc 120mg
Manganese 100mg
Vitamin A 5,000IU
Vitamin D 4,000IU

Feeding Instructions

Top-dress on feed at a rate of 120 g per day. For best results, split into two 60-g feedings.

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