Cavalor Fiberforce

CAVALOR FIBERFORCECavalor FiberForce is a high-fiber, low-starch feed. It contains a unique mix of fiber sources and specially designed extruded fiber pellets containing vitamins and minerals. This feed is extremely low in sugar (3%) and starch (5%) making it one of the most appropriate feeds for metabolically sensitive horses on the market.

FiberForce also contains DIGEST CONTROL to support and promote healing of a damaged gastrointestinal tract. Due to the low-starch, high-fiber and high-fat content, Cavalor FiberForce is also beneficial for horses prone to muscle issues.


Yeast Plus

Many horses (sport horses, mares in foal, lactating mares etc…) are fed large amounts of grain-based feed. Due to the increased amount of grain intake, a probiotic like active yeast cultures is needed to help maintain a healthy digestive tract. Active yeast cultures help stimulate other beneficial bacteria inside the large intestine to flourish while keeping pathogenic bacteria populations in check. YEAST PLUS also promotes a high uptake of feed nutrients and helps reduce the risk of colic.

Fiber Plus

Crude fiber is indispensable for the intestines. Intestinal bacteria require a continuous supply of crude fiber which they are able to turn into valuable nutrients for the horse. For example, crude fiber can be turned into an additional source of energy such as volatile fatty acids and various B vitamins. FIBER PLUS is a high-quality blend of plant fibers such as alfalfa stems, flax seeds, and chicory pulp.

Digest Control

DIGEST CONTROL increases saliva secretion and stimulates the activity of digestive organs such as the pancreas and liver. The active ingredients in DIGEST CONTROL help to improve hormonal and chemical regulating systems during feed intake by improving nutrient absorption and availability.

Omega 3 Plus

In addition to promoting a shiny and healthy coat, omega-3 fatty acids offer a wide number of beneficial effects. This unique fatty acid composition supports overall health, immunity and condition.


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