OJC 3-Day Event Ladies Luncheon

OBFS Ambassador Liz Halliday-Sharp addresses the OJC 3-Day Event Ladies Luncheon.LIz Halliday-Sharp OJC Ladies Luncheon

Ocala Breeders Feed and Supply sponsored the ladies luncheon at the Ocala Jockey Club 3-Day event.    Liz Halliday-Sharp spoke at the ladies’ luncheon on eventing winning out as her career choice because it is her passion.

Sharp has been a professional racing driver in sportscar and GT endurance disciplines, as well as a broadcaster for racing.  However, made the decision to make 3-Day eventing her full-time career.  “I decided I could live without racing but I could never learn to live without horses,”  Sharp says.  She has always been the type of person who needs a “fast pace” and says most of everything she has done was just that.

At the age of 18, Liz developed a desperate desire to ride to her country.  She moved to Europe and rode for some of the very best farms and trainers of eventing horses.  “Every nation has a style their own when it comes to riding,” Sharp says, “but they all have a drive for competitiveness.”  Sharp and her husband have recently made the decision to make the USA their permanent home.  This gives her the ability to take what she learned riding in other countries and pull it all together to give it her best ride for the USA.

Why the Permanent Move to the USA?

In years past she has resided in Europe and spent months riding and competing in the US.   Now she will be based out of their Ocala, Florida home and Kentucky.  Sharp plans to still compete in England and surrounding countries. Liz says it was a business decision.  She is pursuing her lifetime desire to ride for her country.  “I want to ride for the USA Olympic Team in Tokyo,” Sharp said.  She has certainly laid the groundwork for that to happen as well as developed the horsepower to get her there.

Advice for Young Riders

Sharp says the most important thing for young riders wanting to grow in the equestrian world is they need to put themselves out there.  “Go wherever you have to, and be willing to do whatever you are asked to do. Show up, work hard and don’t ever keep up with your hours. Whatever it takes to make it happen, if it is truly your passion, you will do it. Watch and learn from anyone you have the opportunity to, I still watch great riders and learn from them every chance I have.”

Liz says one of her favorite things to do is take young horses and produce champions.  By developing syndicates where partnerships are made available on a horse she has developed, she get’s to keep those horses and ride them in competitions.

OBS Feed Ambassador

Liz Halliday-Sharp in her feed roomOcala Breeders’ Feed and Supply is proud to have Liz Halliday-Sharp as an ambassador.  She feeds OBS Sport and uses our high-fat conditioning supplement, Radiant.

If you would like more information on our feeds you can contact any of our locations, our farm consultant, or visit our products page on our website.

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