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EasySport Harness


The comfortable EasySport Harness is fully adjustable and padded throughout. The elasticized neckline allows for a cozy fit, and the two quick snap buckles make the harness easy to get on and off. The top handle provides an extra degree of safety when you need to control your dog quickly. Ideal for everyday wear, the EasySport Harness lets your dog enjoy life’s adventures in comfort and style.


Comfortable padded harness

Elastic neckline for extra comfort

2 quick snap buckles for easy use

Strong top handle for quick control

Made of Nylon

Basic Bark Control Collar PBC-102

The PetSafe® Basic Bark Collars are perfect if you need to stop your dog from barking inside and outside. In particular, Bark collars remind your dog not to bark with a mild correction. By giving your dog a consistent correction right when they bark, your dog will quickly learn to bark less. PetSafe® Basic Bark Control Collars are engineered with the most advanced technology. Furthermore, they have the most advanced safety features on the market.

With our innovative Perfect Bark dual detection technology, only your dog’s barking causes a correction. Hence no mistaken correction and no over-correction. Easy to use, with no programming required.  The collar gives your dog a safe, consistent reminder to be quiet.  With a correction that is startling but not harmful. Your pet will quickly learn when barking is allowed and when it’s not. You’ll be amazed at how quiet your dog can be in as little as a few days.

Rechargeable Bark Control Collar PBC00-15999

The Rechargeable Bark Control Collar from PetSafe® discourages nuisance barking, whining, and whimpering. As your dog barks the collar automatically adjusts to give a safe but annoying static correction. As your dog learns to bark less, correction levels are reduced. By utilizing unique bark-sensing technology, the collar provides the most reliable bark detection available. The collar will only activate when your dog barks and the static correction can be adjusted according to how often they bark. This means it will not activate in response to another dog’s barking or other noises. The built-in Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery lasts up to 80 hours depending on use with each charge. With the Rechargeable Bark Control Collar from PetSafe®, you will now have the technology to properly and safely train your pet.

SMART DOG® Trainer PDT00-15748

Train your dog using the SMART DOG® Trainer app and remote training collar. Your smartphone is the remote that lets you communicate with your dog up to 75 yards of range. Press the button on your phone to send a signal to the collar. Choose from vibration, tone, or 15 adjustable levels of static stimulation to get your dog’s attention. Teach your dog better obedience for commands he already knows or keep him from getting into trouble. The new SMART DOG® Trainer app makes it easy to command your dog to stop jumping, digging, chasing, and more. This rechargeable, waterproof collar from PetSafe® makes it easy to take your training on the go, whether you’re out for a walk on the trails or exploring downtown.

Stay + Play Wireless Fence® PIF00-12917

Wireless fences are the easiest option for containing pets in small yards. Portable wireless systems offer a circular boundary (up to 1/2 or 3/4 acre) to contain your pet. A pet-perfect yard is now perfectly easy without expensive fences or buried wires. Keep pets playing happily and securely in your yard and off the street. The sleek in-home unit is tiny and portable; it just needs an outlet! Installing your system and setting the boundary takes only a few hours. With the 5 adjustable levels of static correction, it is easy to train your pet in short, fun sessions. The waterproof, rechargeable collars are our smallest yet. With easy training, custom collar settings, and protection up to ¾ of an acre, the Stay + Play Wireless Fence gives your pet the best in yard freedom.

In-Ground Fence™ System PIG00-13661

No more straying or worrying about your pet’s safety with the In-Ground Fence™ System from PetSafe®. In-ground fences are the most customizable way to give your pet secure yard boundaries and maximum freedom. With some simple tools and a little bit of do-it-yourself experience, you can plan your layout, bury wires in your yard, and start training your pet in one weekend. It starts with our waterproof receiver collar with a reflective strip that helps you find your dog at night, so outside playtime doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down! The collar picks up a signal from a transmitter as your dog nears the boundary wires you bury in your yard. A beep alerts your dog and most dogs do so well with training that they stop right then! For those that continue, a harmless static correction reminds them to stay in the area you’ve established. What a wonderful feeling to give her the freedom to enjoy the yard, without worrying about escape or harm with our In-Ground Fence™!




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