New Hoof Care Products

Deluxe Equine Slipper

The Deluxe Equine Slipper is a revolutionary advancement in treating, medicating and protecting the hoof. The unique wrap-New Hoof Care Productsaround design is durable, breathable, and comfortable. Moreover, the easy on and off application featuring a wide opening and secure velcro closure is great for keeping the hoof area clean and holding medications in place. Also, the Deluxe Equine Slipper is ideal for reducing concussion, breeding, laminitis and in the event of shoe loss.

Product Details:

  • Developed to aid in treating, medicating and protecting the equine hoof
  • Heavy ply Cordura with high-grade leather sole
  • Velcro opening is wide enough to slip the hoof in and tighten
  • Also, safe and easy to apply 100% machine washable!
  • Not for use during exercise/turnout

Grohoof Concentrated Pellets

Grohoof Pellets by TRM Ireland is a complementary feed for horses hooves which provides the nutrients required to optimize New Hoof Care Productsgrowth and improve the integrity of the hoof. Also, these pellets contain all the supplemental nutrients required to develop and maintain a healthy and supple hoof.  Grohoof Concentrated Pellets this product should be feed to broodmares and young horses to optimize growth and bone development. Moreover, its pelleted presentation is ideal for picky eaters and is convenient for feeding in big yards with just a single scoop daily serving.

Product Details:

  • A balanced combination of macro-minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids.
  • Also, contains Sodium Zeolite for optimum skeletal development and conformation.
  • Has high levels of Biotin and bioavailable sulphur which is essential for the durability and integrity of Keratin Sulphate.
  • Contains Zinc, Copper, Amino Acids (building blocks for protein), and Calcium (essential for the cohesion of hoof wall)

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