New Flavor: Lowland Creek

Taste of the Wild

Your pets crave a taste of the wild. Go ahead and give them one. Modern science proves that your dog or cat still shares the DNA of the ancient canine or feline. Taste of the Wild was created to give pets a grain-free pet food option inspired by what your cat was meant to eat. To give domestic cats the vitality nature intended, their pet food must contain all the proper ingredients and nutrition. And that is precisely what they get with Taste of the Wild New Flavor Lowland Creek: premium, complete, grain-free pet foods based on your pet’s ancestral diet.

#1 Ingredient Is From Real Meat, Fish or Fowl. We use only unique and highly digestible animal proteins, including real venison, salmon, lamb, wild boar, roasted fowl or bison. The protein from these real meat, fish and fowl sources help support muscles, organ function, the immune system, healthy skin, and a shiny coat. The result is dog and cat food that helps maintain the sleek condition of good health with a wild taste your pet craves.

Lowland Creek New Flavor

Cage-free quail and cage-free duck are both highly digestible proteins, making this recipe an ideal diet for the feline that craves fowl. A portion of grain-free cat food for all life stages, it also features species-specific probiotics for digestive and immune New Flavor: Lowland Creeksupport; taurine for a healthy heart and eyes; and antioxidants from vegetables, legumes, and fruits for overall well-being, just like nature intended.

Roasted quail and duck are sources of highly digestible protein cats need and the taste they crave. Healthy digestive and immune systems are vital to the overall health of your pet. Each pound of Taste of the Wild provides 80 million live, active cultures that help support healthy digestive and immune systems.

Omega Fatty Acid Blend – Also, optimal levels of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids work together to support healthy skin and a shiny coat.

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