Mazuri Koi Fish Nuggets

The right fish food will help you raise healthy and active koi fish. Moreover, Mazuri Koi Fish Nuggets, enhance the beautiful colors of your koi fish and create bonding opportunities as you interact with them. They are fun and hardy fish for a backyard pond, tank, or indoor aquarium. Feeding Mazure Koi Fish feed will help you to raise healthy active koi fish.

Floating nuggets are best since they support your fish’s natural foraging behavior and allow you to monitor food intake to prevent overfeeding. Overfeeding can harm fish health because excess food decomposes and decreases water quality.

Another benefit of floating koi food is that it encourages your fish to come to the surface of their pond, tank or aquarium while feeding. By feeding floating nuggets, you’ll be able to see your koi better, are able to interact with them and you can even train your koi to eat from your hand with patience and perseverance.

Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply stocks Mazuri Platinum Koi Fish Feed 3.5lb bag and a 20lb bag of Mazuri Pond Nuggets.


Mazuri® Koi Platinum Nuggets are a highly palatable floating koi fish food designed to help keep your koi healthy and beautiful. Suitable for koi six inches or larger, these koi fish food pellets provide optimum nutrition for your fish and contain spirulina algae and other nutrients for vibrant coloration. Plus, floating Mazuri® koi food encourages fish to come to the surface of your pond, tank or aquarium so they can be observed feeding.

  • Complete nutrition – No supplement needed.Mazuri Koi Platinum nuggets
  • It contains spirulina algae – Provides a source of pigmentation.
  • Stabilized source of vitamin C – Improves shelf-life and water stability and may help with resistance to stress.
  • Contains wheat germ – Favored by many koi feeders.
  • Sustainable fishmeal source used.
  • Highly palatable – Fish will eat it readily.
  • Floating particles – Fish can be observed eating.



Raise bright and healthy koi fish. Mazuri® Pond Koi Fish Food offers complete nutrition, with a taste koi can’t resist, and ingredients that support beautiful, vibrant coloration. Plus, the food particles float – to encourage fish to come to the surface of your pond, tank or aquarium so you can enjoy mealtime too.

  • Watch your fish thrive with complete nutrition.  Fortified with vitamins and minerals and no fish supplements needed.Mazuri Koi 20lb
  • Get vibrant coloration. With ingredients that support pigmentation.
  • Optimize development. High protein level helps tissues and muscles grow.
  • Help prevent overfeeding. The floating particles bring fish to the surface to eat, so you can monitor their food intake.
  • Be eco-friendly.  Our fishmeal source is 100% sustainable.
Mazuri Pond Koi Fish Nuggets Feeding instructions :

Feed your koi one to three times per day when the water temperatures are above 60°F. It’s important to feed only as much as the fish can consume within five minutes. Overfeeding will decrease the water quality, which will lead to poor fish health.

Store your Mazuri® koi food in a container with a sealing lid and keep it in a cool, dry location. Freezing will not harm the food and may extend freshness.

  • Feed to koi in ponds or tanks as a floating feed.
  • Mazuri® Koi Platinum Nuggets are suitable for fish greater than six inches long. For the same nutrition in different particle size, consider:
    • Mazuri® Koi Platinum Bits – suitable for fish up to six inches.
    • Mazuri® Koi Platinum Ogata – suitable for all koi over twelve inches long.
  • Feed only as much as fish will readily consume.
    • Do not overfeed as excess feed will decompose in the water, resulting in poor water quality, which in turn can be harmful to the health of the fish.

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