Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply is located in the heart of horse country, Ocala, Florida. With a dedicated horse feed production plant and two retail locations, we guarantee locally made, top-quality fresh feed.

We proudly stock our own special feeds that provide high quality nutrition for equine. OBS Feeds feature quality protein sources and added lysine, the first limiting amino acid for horses.

We’ve long been the feed of choice for top Thoroughbred breeders and trainers in the Ocala area. With the addition of new, lower-NSC feeds specifically formulated for sport horses, OBS now offers an appropriate high-quality feed for every horse.

OBS Professional Horse Feed

OBS Professional Horse Feed is a High-Fat Textured Blend OBS Professional horse feed is a ...

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OBS Sport Feed

OBS Sport feed is Balanced Energy for Equine Athletes OBS Sport feed is formulated specifically for ...

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OBS Radiant Supplement

OBS Radiant Supplement is a High-fat conditioning supplement OBS Radiant Horse Supplement is used to ...

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OBS Racing Blend

OBS Racing Blend is an Equine athlete formula with beet pulp OBS Racing Blend is ...

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OBS Performance Blend

OBS Performance Blend is a textured feed for high energy needs OBS Performance Blend is th ...

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OBS Hi-Amo Plus

OBS Hi-Amo Plus is a Sweet Feed with added Lysine OBS Hi-Amo Plus is a te ...

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OBS Gest O Lac

OBS GEST-O-LAC is Textured Feed for Breeding Farms OBS Gest O Lac is our top ...

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OBS Generation

OBS Generation Horse Feed is a Pelleted Formula for all Life Stages OBS Generation is ...

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OBS Pellet Plus

OBS Pellet Plus is a Pelleted Formula with added Lysine OBS Pellet Plus is similar to ...

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OBS Mane 10

OBS Mane 10 is Textured Feed for Easy Keepers OBS Mane 10 is a high-quality feed formulated wi ...

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OBS Easy 10

OBS Easy 10 is a Pelleted formula for easy keepers OBS Easy 10 is a pelleted feed fo ...

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