Mazuri is a world leader in quality exotic animal nutrition for virtually every living exotic animal.

All Mazuri diets are made with high-quality ingredients utilizing the latest technology in our own plants. Our primary plant, in Richmond, Indiana, is a drug- and hormone-free FSSC 22000-certified manufacturing facility. To maintain that certification, we adhere to a strict set of international quality standards and undergo regular inspections. We maintain a quality-control lab on premises and use independent analytical labs for off-site testing. By testing incoming ingredients, we are able to give your animals one of the most nutritionally consistent and high-quality diets available in the marketplace. We work every day to renew our outstanding reputation and your trust.

At Mazuri, it’s our mission to ensure the animals you care for — and care about — reach their full potential with the best nutrition in the world. We offer a world of good nutrition.

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Mazuri Kangaroo/Wallaby Diet

Mazuri Kangaroo/Wallaby Diet is specifically designed for kangaroos and wallabies of all ages containing ...

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Mazuri Mini Pig Mature Maintenance

Pigs go spinning for Mazuri Mini Pig Mature Maintenance Diet. It has a flavor they ...

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Mazuri Mini Pig Active Adult

Keep mini pigs moving as they grow. Mazuri Mini Pig Active Adult is a moderate-energy, ...

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Mazuri Small Tortoise Diet

Mazuri Small Tortoise Diet LS is a low-starch, high-fiber tortoise food for smaller tortoise species, ...

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Mazuri Better Bug Gut Loading Diet

Mazuri Better Bug Gut Loading Diet insect food is designed to create gut-loaded crickets. This ...

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Mazuri Bearded Dragon Diet

Mazuri Bearded Dragon Diet is an insectivore food that simulates the high-protein, high-fiber diet of ...

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Mazuri Mini Bird Diet

Mazuri Mini Bird Diet is a complete bird food developed to support the optimal nutrition ...

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Mazuri Chinchilla Diet

Chinchillas enjoy Mazuri Chinchilla Diet Chinchilla Food! They love it because it smells and tastes ...

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Mazuri Koi Platinum Nuggets

Raise bright and healthy koi fish. Mazuri Koi Platinum Nuggets Fish Food offers complete nutrition ...

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Mazuri Earthworm Diet

Mazuri Earthworm Diet is designed to be the sole diet for breeding, growing and maintaining ...

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Mazuri Mini Pig Youth

Mazuri Mini Pig Youth Diet is a nutritionally balanced mini pig food formulated to help ...

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Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenance Diet

Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenance Diet is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of ornamental ducks, geese, ...

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