inception Dog FoodInception Dog Food is formulated with animal protein first to serve your canine companions’ needs. They understand your canine companions are carnivores first.  Omnivores second and thrive with good animal protein in their diets. At Inception®,  the first two ingredients are animal protein. Formulas are free of potatoes, legumes, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Giving your canine companions everything they need for a lengthy, happy life with you.

Moreover, all recipes that inception uses, contain wholesome, all-natural ingredients like Oats Millet and Milo.  Including oats, a good healthy fiber source.  Oats contain beta-glucan.  Specifically, Beta Glucan is a soluble fiber that helps aid digestion.  Furthermore, oats are full of linoleic acid. This is a type of omega-6 fatty acid, which helps keep skin strong and healthy. Oats also contain many essential minerals such as zinc, iron, manganese, and copper.inception dog food

Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply offers the following inception Dog Food in our store:
  •  Pork Recipe 4lb, 13.5 lb, and 27lb
  •  Chicken Recipe4lb, 13.5 lb, and 27lb
  •  Fish Recipe 4lb, 13.5 lb, and 27lb
  •  Chicken and Pork Recipe4lb, 13.5 lb, and 27lb

Ocala Breeders’ Feed & Supply carries a large section of canned and dry foods. If it’s not stocked just ask. We do Special Orders!

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