Fussie Cat

Cats are notoriously fussy when it comes to their food. And it isn’t just to test your patience. It’s biological. Cats are true carnivores. As such, nature demands they eat a diet based on animal proteins to thrive. That’s why this Physiologically Correct recipe always starts with meats. Meats are rich in complete proteins as the main ingredient. But it wouldn’t matter how nutritious Fussie Cat food is if your cat won’t eat it, so they tailor the taste of recipes based on actual feline feedback to ensure it’s equally delicious. When they say their food is Co-Created by Cats, it isn’t just a slogan, it’s the secret to everything we make.​

It’s a meat lover’s menu.

At Fussie Cat, they take pride in every meal that comes out of their kitchens. You’ll find their meat first, low carbohydrate philosophy in every recipe. The result is Physiologically Tuned™ nutrition for your pet that’s rich in complete animal proteins, and loaded with flavor. Fussie Cat uses quality meats such as boneless chicken, duck, tuna, shrimp, and prawns, then further supplement our recipes with vital nutrients, including a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply offers the following Fussie Cat  Cat Food in our stores:
  • Tuna and Chicken 2.8oz Can
  • Tuna and Shrimp 2.8oz Can
  • Tuna and Ocean Fish 2.8oz Can
  • Tuna and Salmon 2.8oz Can
  • Salmon Recipe 2lb and 4 lb
  • Chicken and Turkey Recipe 2lb & 4 lb

Ocala Breeders’ Feed & Supply carries a large section of canned and dry foods. If it’s not stocked just ask. Also, we do Special Orders!

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