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In honor of National Nutrition Month, we wanted to about Manna Pro Chicken Nutrition! We have touched on this subject before but we want to elaborate more on complete poultry nutrition. We still get so many questions about what we suggest that you feed your chickens so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!

Chicken Feed Vs. Chicken Scratch

When it comes to chicken food there are quite a lot of options. Chicken feed is the actual food you give them every day. Even if you free range your chickens you MUST have a chicken feed for them. They will not get all the nutrition they need just from free-ranging. We do notice that when we free range my chickens they eat less of their feed. That is completely normal and fine because they are still getting the option of their feed. It’s very important to get the appropriate chicken feed for your chickens. What we mean by this is that you need to get the correct food according to their age and if they are laying eggs. For example, when you first get chicks, they need to be on a starter feed. We suggest Manna Pro Medicated Started Feed but you can also use non-medicated. You will keep your chicks on this until they are ready to lay eggs (about 16 weeks).

Organic Layer Pellets

Once chickens are adults and laying, they should be fed Manna Pro’s Organic Layer pellets. It is extremely important that laying chickens eat a layer of feed so they get the correct protein and calcium. If not, they could become egg-bound and die. It does not have to be organic but make sure it’s a layer feed.

Unlike chicken feed, chicken scratch is a treat. It gets its name because you throw it on the ground and your chickens scratch at it. That’s an easy way to remember the difference! Chicken scratch is usually low in protein unless it has some seeds and/or mealworms. Speaking of mealworms, chickens LOVE mealworms!

Poultry Grit vs. Oyster Shell

Another important thing to have on hand is chicken grit. Moreover, grit acts as an insoluble fiber for chickens. Just like in humans, fiber helps with their digestion. In the wild, chickens consume tiny stones and gravel as they forage on the ground. This is why it’s especially important you give your chickens grit if you don’t free-range them full time. Our go-to grit has always been Manna Pro’s Poultry Grit because it also comes with probiotics.  Furthermore, Poultry Grit can be fired free-choice.

Oyster shell is different than poultry grit because it serves as a good calcium source. As mentioned above, grit is insoluble. It stays in the gizzard and it’s used to grind food. The oyster shell dissolves in the gut. That my friends is the biggest difference between the two! Another big difference is all chicks and fully mature chickens need grit but not all need oyster shell. Only laying hens that need calcium for egg production need oyster shell.

Senior Hens

Golden Girls Senior Crumbles formula comes in uniform, easy-to-feed crumbles. The feed is highly fortified with amino acids, minerals, & vitamins for added benefit for your backyard flock. Golden Girls also supports overall health and well-being in older hens

Manna Pro understands the nutritional requirements of all classes of poultry. That is why they are dedicated to the success and health of your backyard flock.

All Manna Pro products including Golden Girls are made with the highest quality ingredients, and with great care throughout the manufacturing process, to ensure that your flock meets its full potential.

Chicken Treats

Harvest Delight Poultry Treat is a great way to reward your flock! With whole grains and real fruits and vegetables, you can provide a treat year-round that contains the goodness of a spring garden!

And with peanuts, flax, sunflower seeds, and your specially-formulated nutrition pellets, you’re also getting added protein, vitamins, and minerals. At Manna Pro, we understand that animals are our companions as well as our providers.

So whether you raise blue-ribbon show birds or you simply enjoy the eggs and entertainment from your backyard flock, treat your feathered friends with Manna Pro Chicken Nutrition treats in all its many forms.

We also carry Flock Party pecking blocks, Mealworm Munchies, Garden Delight, and Chick Sticks.

Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply

Ocala Breeders’ Feed & Supply proudly stocks high-quality poultry feed & supplies. Whether you have one chicken as a pet or a coop full of egg-producing hens, we have all the poultry feeds and products needed.

From chick starter feeds and the items, you need to keep chicks healthy and thriving to laying feeds and coop supplies for your happy flock Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply strives to be your resource for poultry feeds and products.

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