Keeping Your Horse Hydrated

As we all know Florida experiences high heat and humidity during the summer months and for most parts of the year. So naturally, Keeping Your Horse Hydrated is a

horse drinking

major concern for horse owners in Florida. Reduced water intake can impair performance and increases the chance for colic.

Just because your horse has access to water doesn’t mean he won’t get dehydrated. His water source must be clean, cool, and fresh; otherwise, he might not

drink enough, even in hot weather.

Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply cares about the health of your horses. That is why we carry a wide variety of electrolytes to help keep your horse hydrated.

Horses use sweating as their major means of evaporative cooling due to the effects of hot weather and exercise. Electrolytes are needed to replace the minerals lost from sweat and to increase the thirst response due to water loss.

Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply strive to carry the top line in manufacturers of Equine Electrolytes
DuraLyte EQ electrolyte paste
  • Duralyte EQ Max Paste, 30gm


Apple Elite Electrolyte

  • Apple-Dex Electrolyte, 5lb & 30,b
  • OTC Jug Paste, 60cc
  • Apple Elite Electro Paste, 60cc


Finish Line
  • Apple A Day Electrolyte, 5lb, 15lb, & 30lb
  • Electrocharge Paste, 60cc
Kentucky Performance Products
  • Summer Games Electrolyte, 5lb & 40lb
  • 60cc Summer Games PasteRace Recover Paste KER
  • KER Restore Paste
  •  Race Recovery Paste
  •  Restore Slow Release Electrolyte
Manna Pro
  • Bounce Back, 4oz, & 4lb
  • Electoplex Paste
Peak Performance

Electrolyte Gold packet


  • Perfect Balance Electrolyte , 4lb, 8lb, & 30lb
  • Perfect Balance Paste, 30cc & 80cc
  • Everyday Gold, 11lb & packet size
Water Intake

The average adult horse’s body contains approximately 70% water. In other words, there are roughly 700 pounds of water in the average 1,000 lb. horse.  This makes it obvious just how important it is that your horse has a consistent source of fresh, clean water to drink at all times.

An average 1,000 lb. horse can drink anywhere from five gallons a day to as much as 20 or more gallons. Just as with humans, the weather is a big factor. Expect your horse’s water consumption to increase when it’s hot and humid, even if he isn’t working. Add exercise and your horse may drink considerably more, depending on the duration and intensity of his workout, and the weather conditions.

One common-sense way to determine if your horse is drinking enough water is to regularly check the appearance and consistency of his manure. If it’s hard or dry, you’ll want to encourage your horse to drink more.

If the horse is thirsty, let him drink.

Keeping Your Horse Hydrated is vitally important.  No matter the source, it should be in the shade, never in direct sun. Horses will not drink warm water.

Electrolyte supplements are often thought to be needed only by high-level athletes, especially those competing in endurance events, but in reality, any horse who sweats for a prolonged period of time can deplete these vital minerals to critical levels.

Furthermore,  when a horse continues sweating for several hours, he may need to supplement with electrolyte powders, pastes, or gels to speed his return to normal.

Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply has exactly the electrolyte you need to meet your horse’s needs.

Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply

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