Fungasol Skin Solution System

Fungasol Solutions that Fight Skin Conditions.

Absorbine FungasolSkin Solution System helps treat fungal and bacterial skin conditions fast while preventing re-occurrences with powerful antimicrobial germ fighters.  Above all, effective against rain rot, girth itch, ringworm, and even soothes and heals tail rubbing.

Furthermore, Fungasol Skin Solution System is a gentle, calming tea tree formula that allows you to clean, treat, and protect from future occurrences with this shampoo, spray, and ointment system.

These products are a botanical-based antimicrobial formula that adds even more germ-killing power.


Treatment for horse fungal or bacterial skin conditions

Without a doubt, Fungasol Skin Solution System is proven to treat a range of fungal and bacterial skin conditions. In other words, making it a great first line of defense, even if the exact nature of an equine skin problem isn’t readily apparent. Moreover, it helps to clean, treat, and protect your horse’s skin.  In particular it is a  gentle formula that includes tea tree oil and a powerful Biopolysan booster ingredient derived from coconuts to enhance the formula’s efficiency. Also, you can use separately, or as a complete system to treat even the toughest skin conditions.

Skin Solution System consists of:

  • Shampoo: cleans, washes, and removes debris, a great everyday shampoo in humid conditions
  • Spray: quick and easy for a wide range of applications, penetrates thick coats
  • Ointment: forms a protective layer over affected areas; perfect for pastern dermatitis and patches of flaky skin


  • Patented Biopolysan technology, derived from coconuts
  • Fights tough conditions including rain rot; dry, flaky skin; wound bacteria; girth itch; dew poisoning; pastern dermatitis (scratches/greasy heel); and ringworm
  • Soothes and helps treat tail itching and rubbing


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