Flexogen Hoses

Find the right garden hose for any project. … or caring for you lawn, Gilmour’s Flexogen hoses will get the job done!  Whether keeping the grass and garden green or outdoors clean, washing your pet, rinsing your horse, watering your livestock, or garden or even spraying shed rows a hose that meets your needs is important.  A tool that is trusted should be your most durable, strong enough to withstand dragging, twisting and days in the sun.

A Flexogen hose is billed as the last hose you’ll ever have to buy because it is supposed to be extra durable, and also because it’s backed by a lifetime guarantee. When it comes to doing yard-work, gardening, washing your pet, or watering your livestock it’s good to have a quality hose you can rely on, so we looked into this further to see if this really is a great choice for a garden hose.

There are a lot of problems with your ordinary run-of-the-mill garden hoses. They often get too tangled and kinked up. They can also have problems with durability, especially if they are dragged across a driveway or are rubbed up against metal objects. There’s also the complaint that they’re too heavy. Most people can come up with at least three things that they would change about their hose. It seems the makers of the Flexogen line of hoses are trying to fix as many as they can.

Gilmour, the makers of the Flexogen Hose, claim that you won’t have to buy another hose after you buy theirs, both because it is meant to last a lifetime, and also because they’re prepared to replace it if anything should go wrong with it – ever. But aside from that, how well it works would be the better thing to focus on here. Most people are saying that it works great, and that it was a good purchase.

Ocala Breeder’s Feed and Supply has a large variety of Flexogen hoses from 25 foot to 90 foot available.  All Flexogen Hoses are 10% OFF in July 2018.



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