Father’s Day Specials

Ocala Breeder’s Feed and Supply Father’s Day Sale is June 11-16, 2018, with many items on sale that dad will love.

Tingley Rubber Boots 10% OFF
Tingley’s general purpose boots provide affordable easy walking and all day protection.  These boots are made from a flexible material with tougher out-sole
material for good abrasion resistance.  Removable cushion insole wicks perspiration.

Work Gloves 25% OFF
Use the firm grip work gloves in various outdoor and work applications. The material helps provide protection for your hands. These gloves feature durable construction, resisting punctures.  Great for yard work, landscaping, warehouse, house, barn work and more

Western Tack

Weaver Leather Western Tack 10% OFF
For over 40 years, Weaver has been manufacturing every product to stand up to the most rigorous use you can throw at it – and still get better with time! Precise even stitching goes into every product so you can ride in complete comfort and confidence knowing your tack won’t let you down.

Ariat Hats 25% OFF
Ariat hats and baseball caps are designed with Flex-fit technology to provide shade with an excellent fit.  Find dad the perfect fit with a variety of styles and colors to choose from at OBFS. 

Noble Outfitter Knives 10% OFF
These knives are made with quality steel blades that get the job done while fitting perfectly in your pocket!  Selection with combo and serrated edges, and various styles to choose from.


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