Pyranha Week

September 8, 2020 – September 11, 2020 all-day
Ocala Breeders Feed and Supply
Ocala Breeders Feed and Supply

September 8-11, 2020, will be Pyranha Week at Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply.

Pyranha Fly Spray is a trusted leader in insect control.  OBFS carries several of their proven products.

Did you know Pyranha is now offering free shipping on the SprayMaster system? Come in and we will help design your system and determine the cost for you.wipe n spray pyranha

Pyranha Week Savings
Sept 8-11, 2020

$5.00 Off Pyranha Wipe N Spray gallons
$10.00 Off Pyranha 1-1HP 55-Gallon and 30-gallon refills

Pyranha Wipe N‘ Spray: Is a pyrethrum-based formula that is applied directly to the animal. This ready-to-use product provides fly protection and imparts a high shine to the hair when brushed out. A favorite of show horse owners, effective protection results from only 2 ounces per head.

Pyranha Fly Spray Wipe N Spray Gallon

Wipe N’ Spray™Wipe N’ Spray is citronella scented and contains lanolin as a coat conditioner. Kills and repels biting flies, mosquitoes, and gnats.


  • Triple Action – Kills, Repels, and Conditions
  • Contains lanolin as a coat conditioner
  • Pleasant citronella scent

Kills and Repels:

  • Stable Flies
  • House Flies
  • Horse Flies
  • Horn Flies
  • Deer Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Face Flies
  • Gnats

SprayMasterSprayMaster Fly System

An automatic system with an electric motor-driven pump controlled by a solid-state electronic timer that is programmed to dispense and insecticide formulation in the form of very fine mist at specific intervals through special spray nozzles.  This system results in a state of the art, hassle-free solution to controlling harmful flying and biting insects in and around horse barns.

1-10 HP Concentrate1-10 HP Refill

1-10 HP® Concentrate System Refillare insecticide refills for 55-gallon and 30-gallon automatic spray systems. Developed over 40 years ago using the highest quality pyrethroids, HP is a premium formulation that has set the bar for effective automatic flying insect control in horse barns. It provides both quick knockdown and effective control against a broad range of harmful biting insects that include: Horn Flies, Deer Flies, Stable Flies, Bott Flies, Face Flies, Midges, Mosquitoes, and more.

Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply strives to provide a knowledgeable, friendly staff that knows customers by name! Although we have grown over the years, a steadfast commitment to customer service remains. Product lines that meet the needs of our clientele make OBFS your one-stop shop for your farm and pet needs.

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