OBFS 2019 Chick Days

March 2, 2019 all-day
OBFS Highway 27 Location
6855 N. US Hwy 27
OBFS Highway 27

Ocala Breeders Feed and Supply Highway 27 store chick deliveries are here.  Start a new flock or add to the flock you already have. OBFS 2019 Chick Days are ready to help you make sure your chicks grow into healthy, egg-producing hens.

Baby chicks will arrive at the OBFS Highway 27 location Saturday, March 2nd and Friday, March 8th ready for new homes.  Also, check out the listing below forOBFS 2019 Chick Days chick types and arrive early before they are gone:

  • Turkens
  • Rhode Island Reds
  • Welsummers
  • Ameraucana’s
  • Buff Orpingtons

Set up for a successful flock with supplies to ensure healthy poultry. OBFS offers all the chicken supplies you need to raise a healthy flock: poultry feeds, coops, feeders, waterers, shavings, heat lamps and more!

Furthermore, you can stop by or contact OBFS Highway 27 store if you have questions about delivery dates or chick types.



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