Electro Dex Electrolyte

Electro Dex Equine Electrolytes is America’s original equine electrolyte supplement.

Water loss is not the only result from exercise and sweating. Specific minerals, referred to as electrolytes, are also lost. These minerals, including sodium, chloride and potassium, along with smaller amounts of calcium and magnesium, are actually excreted in higher amounts in your horse’s sweat than they exist in his blood. Horses will lose 3 times the amount of sodium and chloride and up to 10 times the amount of potassium as compared to humans when sweating. Both sodium and chloride, which are found in equine electrolyte products, are required to help regulate all body fluids and maintain muscle function due to their involvement in nerve impulse activity. Calcium loss impacts muscle function. A horse that’s working hard, and consequently sweating hard, will benefit from electrolyte supplementation.

Electro Dex replenishes electrolytes lost from strenuous activity during training or competition. Cherry-flavored micro-blend can be used in feed or water at the rate of 2 oz. per 10 gallons of water or 2 oz. in the horse’s daily ration in place of regular salt.  If you include it in the drinking water, be sure to provide a separate bucket of fresh water.

Ocala Breeder’s Feed and supply has 5 pound Electro Dex available.  5 lb on sale for $9.95, July 2018.


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