Black Friday Sale

Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply will be having a Black Friday Sale.  Stop in for some great savings on Friday, November 26, 2021.

Redmond Rock on a Rope

Equine Products

OBS Radiant supplement has become a favorite among equestrians who work to keep a topline and condition on performance horses. It is regularly $30.75 and is $5.00 off per bag.

Himalayan Rocks on a Rope are $2.00 off, on sale for $15.99. These are extremely dense and resistant to biting and resistant to breaking, thus making them last longer than salt bricks. Also, they are 100% natural.

You can save $10.00, on 37.5 pound Nu Image, regularly $166.99, it is $156.99. Nu-Image Fatty Acid Supplement is a scientifically formulated nutritional supplement rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, fortified with biotin, zinc, and amino acids. This horse supplement is designed to promote the growth of exceptionally healthy, luscious hair, mane, and tail.

Body Builder is $69.99, which is $4.00 off the regular price. This is a natural dietary supplement for horses, dogs, humans, and livestock animals. Body Builder is one of the most effective dietary supplements used by owners, breeders, and trainers of horses and dogs. The main ingredient in this product is of pharmaceutical grade, meaning it is in the purest form.  Proven the best for sales prepping weanlings, yearlings, and 2-year-olds in training. Increases muscle, energy, and stamina, furthermore it increases appetite and all-around health

OBFS proudly stocks high-quality English riding pads. They will all be 10% off at our Black Friday Sale.

Also, Duraforks in all colors at $1.00 of the regular price of $16.99.

In addition, Tenda 45 pound Medicated Poultice is $3.00 off. Regularly $32.99, on sale for $29.99.

Pet Products

Primal Market Mix 5 pound raw toppers for dogs and cats are a favorite among pets.  You save $10.00 through the Astro Rewards Program only. Regularly $24.99m with the Astro Sale it is $14.99.

Also, save 20% off all Stella and Chewy products.

Tops 50-pound dog food is $8.00 off, prices vary.

Other Sale Items

20% off all Ramik rat bait products.



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