Aaron Vale Discusses OBS Feeds

Aaron Vale HITS

Aaron Vale HITS 2020
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Aaron Vale discusses OBS Feeds while working from his farm Thinklikeahorse.

Recently we caught up with Aaron Vale. Aaron is argued to be one of the greatest Grand Prix riders America has ever produced.  He makes his home just outside Williston, Florida, at his farm, Thinklikeahorse. With over 200 Grand Prix wins. No doubt, he knows his business.

In 2019 Vale decided to move all the horses on the farm to OBS feeds. Additionally, Vale likes a simple feeding program that horses on all levels can eat. Accordingly, at Thinklikeahorse, the feed has to work for broodmares, babies, weanlings, retirement, training and show horses. Hence, OBS feed is fed to all the horses on the farm.

He currently holds the records for most Grand Prix wins in a year, most double clear rounds in a year, and most money won in a year. Recently, Aaron Vale claimed the blue ribbon in the $150,000 Crum & Forster Grand Prix, $200,000 CaptiveOne Grand Prix at HITS in Ocala.

Aaron Vale Discusses OBS Feeds in His Program

Aaron Vale

Aaron Vale working a young horse.

“We have been using OBS feed for about a year now,” said Vale, “they look great, they’re fat and have plenty of muscle.”  Thinklikeahorse farm is home to broodmares, babies, training, show horses and retired horses. They use a combination of OBS Sport and OBS Professional.

“Everyone gets the same thing here, we like to keep it simple,” Aaron said. “Broodmares and foals get it, babies grow up on it and show horses win on it.  I couldn’t ask for much more out of a feed.” Vale says he likes the fact that different types of horses of multiple ages all do well on the feed.

Also, Aaron likes that the feed is made locally with fresh top ingredients.  Vale feels, “It’s especially nice to keep things local.”

Ocala Breeders’ Feed and Supply is proud to have Aaron Vale as an OBS Ambassador.

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