2022 Honor Show Chow Meeting

Do you have a livestock show animal?  You will want to be at the 2022 Honor Show Chow Meeting. Great information, door prizes, pizza, and discounts!

When and Where?showing sheep

November 15, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. at OBFS Highway 27 location.

Topics covered will be: Show Feed Nutrition, Show Supplements, and Animal Health.

Show Feed Nutrition & Supplements

Purina animal feeds and supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients. There are feeds for beef cattle, show pigs, goats, show lambs, and show poultry. You will see the difference in your animals with Honor Show Chow and High Octane products in your program. Furthermore, we know the time and effort that goes into these projects. Thus, they deserve specially formulated feeds and supplements to ensure they reach their maximum potential.

Years of research go into the development of Purina’s Honor Show Chow feeds. Subsequently, they prove to earn many banners and buckles for those using them time and time again. Truly, High Octane supplements are top supplements for targeting specific areas needed by your animal.  Therefore, join us for some pizza, and let us help you make sure your animal has the right feeding program to develop on target for show time. show pig

Animal Health

Dr. Faith Hughes is giving our animal health program for the evening.  Dr. Hughes is board certified in large animal surgery and is a partner veterinarian at Peterson & Smith Equine Hospital & Complete Care. In addition, she raises show lambs as well as show cattle and is very familiar with feeds and supplements. In short, she knows the show animal industry. Come get a great understanding of how a good animal health program will let you get the most out of your feed and supplement program.

Join us at OBFS Highway 27 location on November 15, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. for the 2022 Honor Show Chow Meeting.

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