Larva Guard


Banish mosquitoes from your home, garden and farm with Prozap’s LarvaGuard Mosquito Larvicide Granules by breaking the life cycle.  Available in a 1 lb jar with
scoop and 2.5 lb container with a shaker top for easy application.

Prozap’s LarvaGuard Mosquito Larvicide Granules prevent the larva
from developing into breeding, biting adults through the use of the
active ingredient methoprene, an insect growth regulator (IGR).

• Provides 30-day control preventing future mosquito populations.
• Easy to apply granules; simply place/sprinkle in standing water, where mosquitoes breed.
• One teaspoon will treat up to 200 gallons of water.
• LarvaGuard granules sink to the bottom of the treated area and treat the entire column of water, not just the surface, like other products.
• LarvaGuard granules are activated by water, when applied to areas that dry up, the product is reactivated once water refills.

Available at Ocala Breeder’s Feed and Supply, ask our friendly staff for more information.


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