Starbar Fly Control Products

Star Bar Fly Control Products June Special.

Reach a higher level of fly control with Starbar products.  A wide selection of easy to use products that best fit your individual needs.

Catch thousands of flies with Trap N Toss.  For perimeter use around rural residences, barns and more, FlyRelief Disposable Fly Trap

The QuikStrike® Fly Abatement Strip contains a triple-action attractant and a unique active ingredient that kills flies seconds after they begin to feed. Flies feed low and rest up high. Simply place the device 4 ft. or lower or in a bucket for ideal control.

Sticky fly trap sticks can be used indoors and out. Fly Stik Jr. Sticky Fly Trap is 12 inches long, contains no insecticides and is odor free.

Super-sticky fly ribbons that can be hung anywhere, Lure-FlyFly Catchers are disposable, low-maintenance, cost-effective fly control.

Prefer bait? The standard in fly baits for over 40 years, Golden Malrin® Fly Bait draws flies in to feed with Muscamone® fly attractant.  With the active ingredient, Dinotefuran, QuikStrike® Fly Bait kills nuisance flies quickly and controls those resistant to carbamates and pyrethrin sprays.

Starbar products are available at Ocala Breeder’s Feed and Supply stores, any questions ask our knowledgeable, friendly staff are happy to help you.

Sale 10% on all Starbar products at Ocala Breeder’s Feed and Supply June 2018.

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