Fungasol Skin Solution System

Fungasol Solutions that Fight Skin Conditions June Specials!

Absorbine Fungasol helps treat fungal and bacterial skin conditions fast while preventing re-occurrences with powerful antimicrobial germ fighters.  Effective against rain rot, girth itch, ringworm, and even soothes and heals tail rubbing.

Fungasol is a gentle, calming tea tree formula that allows you to clean, treat, and protect from future occurrences with this shampoo, spray and ointment system.

These products are a botanical-based antimicrobial formula which adds even more germ-killing power.

Available at Ocala Breeder’s Feed and Supply retail locations.  Have questions? our staff knowledgeable friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

The 20-ounce shampoo is on sale for $8.99, 22-ounce spray for $11.39, and the 13-ounce ointment for $11.39 June 2018.

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